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Thumbnail Punjabi Book

Punjabi Book

This book is about Punjab history, culture, lifestyle ,weather conditions, languages, before independence after independence, 1984 genocide, militancy period, fake encounter of people and further division...

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Thumbnail Manukhi Sareerak Vigeyan

Manukhi Sareerak Vigeyan

Human body parts book containing information about human body parts names and various human organs. Perfects for kids to learn and understand about human body structure...

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Thumbnail Bhagat Kabir JI

Bhagat Kabir Ji

This book is about the life , history and teachings of Bhagat Kabir JI

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Thumbnail English-Bemba- Hindi translation book

English-bemba- Hindi Translation Book

Translation book of Bemba, English and Hindi language of commonly used words and sentences Perfect for foreigners and international students to understand and translate Bemba(Zambian language )...

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Thumbnail Sant Prem Singh Ji MuraleWale

Sant Prem Singh Ji Muralewale

This book is about the life and history of Sant Prem Singh ji Muralewale from Pakistan to India. This book contains information about the origin of Labana...

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Thumbnail Kamagatamaru


This book is about the history of Kamagatamaru incident as an attempt made by Punjabi Indians to enter Canada without their government consent during British empire...

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